About Public Charter Schools

Who We Are

A charter school is a tuition-free public school that provides choice in education. Recognizing a need for enhanced learning options, Alberta Education legally established charter schools in 1994, making Alberta the first Canadian province to move forward on this exciting path. There are now 19 active Charters and 2  more slated to begin by September 2024. Each of these Public Charter Schools is based upon a unique approach and innovative delivery of education which will ensure improved student  learning.




Charter Schools

  • are tuition-free public schools
  • are operated by non-profit organizations
  • employ Alberta certified teachers
  • are accessible to all students
  • have no religious affiliation
  • offer curriculum approved by Alberta

Charter schools offer:

  • innovative and enhanced methods of instruction
  • opportunities for meaningful parental involvement
  • a safe, caring and responsive environment
  • active and effective leadership
  • certificated and dedicated staff
  • dedication to excellence

Charter schools are publicly accountable for:

  • student achievement
  • financial reporting
  • meeting educational goals
  • compliance with provincial regulation and policies