2020 Provincial Education Budget and Revised Funding & Assurance Manual

2020 Provincial Education Budget and Revised Funding & Assurance Manual

March 19th 2020, Calgary, AB – Public charter schools are publicly funded tuition free schools, proudly
providing effective educational options to parents and students within Alberta’s public education system since 1996.

Amidst the difficult and challenging Covid-19 collaboration between the Government of Alberta and all
Albertan school authorities, work continues on other elements of the education system currently under review.

The Association of Alberta Public Charter Schools (TAAPCS) is pleased to acknowledge the extensive
work done and the engagement process now being undertaken by the Government of Alberta
concerning the revised educational funding manual along with initial estimations of 2020-2021
education budgets, released in February 2020.

TAAPCS recognizes and is appreciative of the authentic consultation conducted by Alberta Education in
anticipation of the new funding and assurance framework. The new model reflects the input of
educational jurisdictions and representative organizations and is responsive to historical needs shared
across the education system.

The new funding model and subsequent draft budget provides stability and predictability for school
jurisdictions, and works toward simplified grant application and reporting. Reduction of the
administrative load and efforts to create flexible, responsible and transparent local decision making will reinforce efforts to direct educational funds directly to the classroom.

TAAPCS members appreciate the collaborative implementation required by the sweeping changes in the educational landscape in the last year. Some of our small school boards have suffered unintended
consequences from changes designed to optimize the overall education system. We remain committed
to work progressively with Alberta Education to ensure that we continue to meet student needs,
improving student learning in a fiscally responsible and sustainable manner.

“The 2020 Government of Alberta education budget and revised educational funding and assurance
framework will stabilize educational funding, streamline the funding process, empower local School
Board autonomy and help drive further innovation in Education. In the context of the financial challenges facing Alberta it is a responsible, thoughtful and timely rethinking of education funding, generated with meaningful consultation. We look forward to partnering with Alberta Education to make the new funding manual effective.”

Ron Koper, Chair, TAAPCS, February 28th, 2020

Together with the far-reaching work completed and in progress revitalizing educational legislation,
curriculum and accountability, these changes bear witness to the significant priority of education to all
Albertans. TAAPCS applauds the courage and tenacity of the Government of Alberta to hold this course
with education in these distressing economic times. TAAPCS remains committed to achieving equitable
treatment of Alberta citizens enrolled in public charter schools and will work tirelessly to contribute to
realizing the shared Albertan vision for education.

The Association of Alberta Public Charter Schools (TAAPCS) represents Alberta’s 13 charter schools,
focused on working together to support choice and innovation in public education to achieve
improvements in student learning.

For more information visit, www.taapcs.ca

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