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“Alberta is recognized for providing one of the best education systems in the world. Our system is built on a range of educational choices, including public, separate, charter, Francophone and private schools. Our students consistently perform among the best in Canada and around the world. The availability of choice strengthens our education system and supports the right of students and parents to have options that meet the objectives of the School Act. This range of choices continues to bring new ideas and innovative approaches to learning that ultimately benefit all our students.” Education Minister Dave Hancock, in a letter to Janet Wees, Dec. 23, 2010.


The Alberta Association of Public Charter Schools (TAAPCS) is an association comprised of Alberta Education approved charter schools that choose to be members and support TAAPCS objectives. The Association is governed by a Board of Directors.


TAAPCS Objectives:

•To promote and facilitate public charter school education in Alberta

•To speak with one voice on behalf of public charter schools in Alberta

•To promote a forum for public charter schools to meet in support of common goals

•To advocate for continued innovation and choice within public education

Media Release - Connect Charter School appoints Mr. Chris Gilmour as Superintendent of Schools

The Connect Charter School Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Christopher Gilmour as the new Superintendent of Schools. After an extensive search, the Board chose Gilmour for his commitment to professional learning, his passion for the innovative use of technology to improve student learning, and for his extensive background in outdoor and experiential education. Gilmour’s appointment follows a unanimous decision by the Board and takes effect August 1, 2018.


“Our Board is eager to welcome Mr. Gilmour to the school and to introduce him to the students and families we serve,” said Dave Robinson, Chair of the Board of Directors at Connect Charter School. “Mr. Gilmour stood out among the highly qualified field of candidates with his passion for student learning, visionary leadership and the alignment of his experiences with our school’s mission.”


“I am thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to serve in this capacity and look forward to working with our team and the students” said Gilmour.  “The best interests of the students has always guided my decision making and will continue to do so as I join Connect Charter School. I look forward to working collaboratively with our partners to ensure we provide the best learning opportunities possible for our students.” Gilmour received his Bachelor of Arts at Mount Allison University, his Bachelor of Education at Acadia University, a Master of Education degree in Critical Studies at the University of New Brunswick and a Master of Education degree in Information Technology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He has served as the Superintendent of Schools with the Beaufort Delta Education Council in Inuvik, NWT, where he has worked in a broad range of leadership roles over the last 16 years. Chris recently received the NWT Minister’s Choice Award and was inducted into the NWT Education Hall of Fame.


Gilmour has moved to the Calgary area with his wife Tara, who is also a teacher, and their three daughters Olivia (11), Karis (9) and Lexi (8).


Mr. Gilmour has taken over the position from Susan Chomistek, who retired this summer.

For further information contact Dave Robinson, Board Chair at drobinson@cequence-energy.com

New Release!!

Please go to our “About Charter Schools” page to see our two new videos (2 minutes and 4 minutes) explaining what public charter schools are!

After years of amalgamation, are Canada’s school boards
 too big to succeed?

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Dr. Phil Butterfield of Connect Charter School, along with Dr. Lynn Bosetti, UBC, Okanagan, recently published an article on Alberta's charter school "experiment, 20 years later".  For access to this article please see the link

"Evidence Shows Charter Schools Work".

Please see this link to this article which presents a strong case for charter schools.


"Connect Charter School students make presentation to TAAPCS' delegates at January's General Meeting. Please see link"


"Public Charter School Board Chairs request a meeting with Minister Eggen.  Please see link"


New Report from the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies

An Untapped Potential for Educational Diversity: Policy Lessons from Alberta Charter Schools

Please access the link below to hear a case for more Charter Schools in Canada!



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